19 March 2016


昨日の記事を日本語で書きました。たくさん過失ならごめんなさい。 スミス・ノアさんによると、日本は「理論は死ぬことを行く経済研究所」と言って、「逼迫した労働市場がインフレーションをさせていません。ニュー・ケインジアンの理論は日本のインフレーションの欠如の説明ができません。」と言いました。 それどころか!ノアさんと他のフィリップス曲線を疑う人へ、実は日本がすごく明白なフィリップス曲線があるので、ノアさんの性急な判断が道に迷って彼を導きました。



  1. Before scrolling down to see the English version, I tried using Google translate:

    Is live! Wrote an article yesterday in Japan.

    Many fault if I'm sorry. Smith Noah, I, Japan thought "theory's Economic Research Institute goes to die", "do not let inflation is the tight labor market.

    New Keynesian theory was taught the lack of inflation in Japan "and said. On the contrary!

    Noah's who doubt the other Philips curve and Phillips curve in fact Japan was obvious, because Noah is I of glance is, led him astray. You can see that R2 values? How can I find?

    Yes, a Brandon curve is alive and well in Japan, so Japan was "remarkably strong theory of credit come back to Economic Research Institute".

    If xy (scatter) chart does not like, and look at the prophecy of the great inflation. Note that this prophecy is only 1 value. Well, in other words, using the employment rate for the elderly 64 between 15 and it seems to work. It is especially expected inflation is not in use. Is live!

    1. It's probably 25% my fault and 75% Google translate's fault :P

    2. Still, there are some good turns of phrase in there. I especially like "prophecy of the great inflation."

    3. ... although "many fault if I'm sorry" is pretty good too.

    4. The intended meaning was "great prediction of inflation" in that case. I'm gonna go with Google Translate being stupid in that case.

    5. Strangely Google Translate does fine if I do 「たくさん過失ならごめんなさい」 by itself, translating it to "I'm sorry if a lot of negligence," which is pretty close to the intended "pardon me if there are a lot of mistakes."